Friday, 29 July 2011

Musselburgh taxi

Musselburgh taxi, East Lothian Taxi, Infact any taxi anywhere!
exactly what are generally the actual stumbling blocks regarding getting one within this vicinity and exactly what usually are the positive aspects:
  1. Almost all cabs usually are 8-10 seats, yip 8 seats for the price of four
  2. The taxis have huge baggage capacity, great for travels and airport journeys
  3. All of the taxis observed on East Lothian ranks will be handicapped friendly, If not these people should not be there!
  4. All taxis are licensed by East Lothian and comply with a demanding pricing composition.
  5. All cabs discovered on ranks are inspected for defaults as well as road worthiness.
So what will be the particular down sides:

  1. Grumpy obnoxious drivers Musselburgh cabs offers its fair share of these people.Lack of cleanness within many cabs
  2. Council policies on giving licenses can be some what dubious.Absolutely no driver has to commence any knowledge test, first aid test.No driver has to undertake any disclosure checks (except if they have a school run)Thus are East Lothian taxi cabs great or awful that is actually the major issue ?
  3. In my own opinion just just like just about any other location they currently have there superior as well as their negative companies

have got businesses which work 24 hours a day seven days a week, consequently no matter what time your out

should end up being capable to acquire one. The most vital factor to the actual buyer right now is usually “Money” and with

price raisesmusselburgh taxis are usually now one of the most pricey transportation options not just

in this area but throughout the Lothians. Although some drivers will argue that the price is a necessary

evil, I
feel that almost all would concur that they over charging the public.

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Musselburgh taxi

Hello, this being my first blog I though I would go nice and easy. Musselburgh taxis are over paid and under worked.

It is hard for me to publish this but the truth needs to be said, The Taxi game is just about over for East Lothian cabbies, less fares, less punters and more taxis everyday appearing on the ranks.
I worked and operated Tountaxis for almost 9 years and have seen the decline in the standard of taxi drivers, taxi vehicles and more importantly the increase in council bullying.

I will not go into much detail in this post regarding the council but believe me they have a lot to answer for in the demise of the Musselburgh taxi trade.

I hope people find my blogs interesting and insightful and questions just leave comments