Thursday, 21 July 2011

Musselburgh taxi

Hello, this being my first blog I though I would go nice and easy. Musselburgh taxis are over paid and under worked.

It is hard for me to publish this but the truth needs to be said, The Taxi game is just about over for East Lothian cabbies, less fares, less punters and more taxis everyday appearing on the ranks.
I worked and operated Tountaxis for almost 9 years and have seen the decline in the standard of taxi drivers, taxi vehicles and more importantly the increase in council bullying.

I will not go into much detail in this post regarding the council but believe me they have a lot to answer for in the demise of the Musselburgh taxi trade.

I hope people find my blogs interesting and insightful and questions just leave comments

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  1. got to agree there george far too many taxis in musselburgh but def not enough reliable ones